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About us
Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team conducting clinical and translational research aimed to foster innovation in clinical care and translate research-based knowledge into routine clinical practice, with the ultimate goal of improving the care of critically ill patients.
Our team is made up of professionals from various fields of expertise – including anesthesiologists, nurses, biologists, and psychologists affiliated to the Department of Health Sciences of the University of Florence (Italy) – who favor and embrace a holistic approach to research and patient care.
We believe in the value of knowledge sharing and recognize it as one of the cornerstones of scientific research.
Our team also collaborates with IRRIV: International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza.
Within the framework of the GlobalARRT project, other centers all over the world have joined our multidisciplinary team with the purpose of expanding knowledge of Extracorporeal Blood Purification therapies and improving clinical practice worldwide.

From scientific evidence to clinical  practice.
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